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Researcher Profiles

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The personal stories of SU2C researcher’s on the frontlines in the fight against cancer.

Dennis Slamon: From Newcastle to New Science

Dennis Slamon is one of the miracle workers at the center of Stand Up To Cancer. His role in the development of Herceptin is widely known and celebrated in philanthropic circles, the cancer community, scientific journals, and what he refers to as "the lay press." Robert Bazell's book HER-2: The Making of Herceptin, a Revolutionary Treatment for Breast Cancer, details Slamon's often times frustrated but ultimately triumphant journey through the maze of institutional biomedical science out onto the crest of a new wave of targeted exploration and therapy in translational cancer research.

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Dream Team Researcher Vlog: Dr. Zahnow

Researcher Vlog series, featuring Dr. Zahnow from the Stand Up to Cancer Epigenetic Dream Team.

SU2C IRG Profile: Dr. Catherine Wu

Stand Up To Cancer Innovative Research Grant recipient Dr. Catherine Wu discusses her work in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

SU2C IRG Profile: Dr. Dana Pe’er

Stand Up To Cancer Innovative Research Grant recipient Dr. Dana Pe'er discusses her work in systems and computational approaches in cancer therapies.

SU2C IRG Profile: Dr. Estela Jacinto

Stand Up To Cancer Innovative Research Grant recipient Dr. Estela Jacinto discusses her work in targeting protein quality control for cancer therapy and why her research has become a personal mission to help her loved ones, and the millions affected by cancer.

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