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Stand Up Sits Down With glassbaby’s Lee Rhodes

Posted on February 8, 2013, 10:31 AM
Stand Up Sits Down With glassbaby’s Lee Rhodes

Stand Up To Cancer:
So what, exactly, is a glassybaby?

Lee Rhodes:
glassybaby are handmade, glass candleholders that were born during my third battle with lung cancer. I was raising three small children and searching for peace and calm. I dropped a tea light into a handmade, glass cup and it lit up in a way that felt magical. The minute I saw the color and light, I felt at peace and that helped me heal. The light silenced the “what ifs” that had become the soundtrack of my mind during my battles with cancer.

In the beginning, people lit glassybaby for me. Then they began to light it for themselves and others. The news and glow of glassybaby began to spread. I hired glass artists to create more and soon opened a glassblowing studio. Today, we have a team of seventy artists creating glassybaby in over 400 colors. It takes four artists to make each one and we are proud that they are handmade in the USA and give back to charities.

Stand Up To Cancer:
What inspired your collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer?

Lee Rhodes:
Cancer gave glassybaby its mission. Chemotherapy rooms are battlefields. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how good looking you are. Everyone is fighting for the same thing. To live another day. Because I was lucky enough to survive, I felt like I could help. It is powerful when you meet people in waiting rooms who literally do not have the money for bus fare to get to chemo. There are many patients who do not have the basics to heal. Health insurance doesn’t pay for bus fare, groceries, the electric bill. glassybaby has now donated more than $1.25 million from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping cancer patients with those costs that are not covered by health insurance.
Everyone has a cancer story. Few lives have gone untouched by this disease. We admire Stand Up To Cancer’s mission to end cancer and save lives.

Stand Up To Cancer:
What is it you hope people who have glassybaby will experience and how does that tie in with cancer?

Lee Rhodes:
glassybaby gave me what I needed when I was sick. I wanted to share that experience with others. We hear touching stories from our community every day about how glassybaby have inspired them during an illness or helped them celebrate a milestone or lifted their spirits at the end of a long, hard day. That is a miracle to me.

Stand Up To Cancer:
As a cancer survivor, what message would you like to share with people currently in the fight or their family and friends?

Lee Rhodes:
That it’s important to slow down and feel peace and calm. To take that deep breath we all forget to take. It is hard in this world to take 30 seconds to stop and concentrate on someone or something. For me, glassybaby allow that to happen.

When the first glassybaby was created in 1998, Lee Rhodes, glassybaby creator and founder, was raising her three small children and fighting what would become a 7-year battle with a rare form of lung cancer. She had endured surgery, countless rounds of chemotherapy, and was searching for a few moments of serenity to escape the fear that encompassed her life. Inspired by the beauty of these elegant vessels, Lee filled them with tea lights and scattered them throughout her home. She found great hope and healing in their color, light and love.

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Posted by kashif bashir | February 08, 2013 9:48 PM

it is marvilous

Posted by Madelyn | February 13, 2013 1:46 PM

Hello I have a friend now frightening lung cancer she is 43 can you please send her your letter you wrote to maybe cheer her up. Leslie hall is on facebook she is lo the the caregiver to her husband he went blind 2 yrs. ago I know she would love to get a letter from someone that is going through the same thing. I have know Leslie. Her family since she was little. Martha Root & Richard her Parents could you please go to their pages and read about Leslie so you know a little about her and write Leslie just show her your history of lung cancer maybe it will ease her whats next question . Thank you Madelyn Urso also on Facebook

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