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Jamey Stonestreet: Proud Mom and Two-Time Cancer Survivor

Posted on May 11, 2017, 4:00 PM

Jamey Stonestreet will tell you that it was her family, laughter, and luck that helped her survive cancer twice. While undergoing treatment for uterine cancer in the summer of 2011, doctors discovered a mass on her kidney. “If it wasn’t for uterine cancer, doctors might not have found my kidney cancer, and it could have been too late,” Jamey recalls. “Someone was definitely watching over me.”


Jamey Stonestreet

As a mother of three, Jamey’s approach to her cancer diagnosis was just to keep going and stay positive for herself and her family. She says daily phone calls from her children helped immensely. Her son, actor and SU2C Ambassador, Eric Stonestreet always found a way to make her laugh or smile during their daily chats. “I like to address challenges with humor, and in my opinion, laughter just always makes things better,” Jamey says. “Laughing gave me the chance to forget about cancer for a moment and focus on staying positive.”

Another source of inspiration during Jamey’s cancer battle came from her mother, Helen. After losing Jamey’s father to pancreatic cancer at the age of 67 and surviving cancer herself more than once, the family lovingly nicknamed Helen, The Energizer Bunny. “My mother was incredible,” Jamey exclaims. “She used to joke that she would go on vacation to the hospital to recharge and then just keep going and going. We were fortunate to have her around until she was 97.”

Knowing so many family members and loved ones who have been affected by cancer, Jamey is extremely proud of her children for choosing to become advocates for cancer research. “Eric has made cancer research a passion of his, and I’m extremely proud of the work he’s done to support organizations that are helping to save more lives from this disease.” Jamey says, “My daughter, Mauria, has also gotten involved with local cancer charities. As a parent, I am just so proud to see them both out there helping fight a disease that affects so many.”

Much like her children, Jamey is hopeful that one day, cancer will be a thing of the past. “I am honored to stand up to cancer alongside my husband and my children,” Says Jamey, “Every day doctors and researchers are working hard to fight this disease, and I truly believe that one day they will find a way to end it.”

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