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“Knock, Knock.” “Who’s There?” “Cancer.”

Stand-up comic Tig Notaro shares her sometimes dark, sometimes funny and always honest experience with breast cancer.

Working With Cancer

Tom Murphy shares five personal tips for people who want to continue working through their cancer treatment.

I Stand Up For Clinical Trials

Joe Bushkuhl shares how participating in a cancer clinical trial carried on his life's work of helping others.

The State of the Fight: Cancer Research

Dr. Ellen Sigal, Chair and Founder of Friends of Cancer Research, updates SU2C readers on the state of cancer research.

A Conversation with Nancy Allen: Executive Director of Wespark

The "SPARK" stands for: Support, Prevention, Acceptance, Recovery and Knowledge. It is a place of peer support for people affected by cancer.

The State of the Fight: Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most frequent cause of cancer-associated death in the world. In the United States, about 160,000 people die from this disease every year.

The State of the Fight: Esophageal Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, there will be an estimated 17,460 new cases of esophageal cancer in the United States this year. Additionally, more than 15,000 Americans are estimated to die from this disease this year alone.

Impatience and Understanding

In the early 1900s disease after disease fell to antibiotics. What will be the breakthrough that finally fells cancer? Putting the past and present into perspective, Dr. Brian Druker, who helped develop Gleevec, is optimistic that the breakthrough is coming. But he doesn’t want to wait.

The Etiquette of Cancer

Stacey Winkler shares her unique and irreverent take on the etiquette of cancer - or the lack thereof.

Patient Tips: Communication and the Art of Keeping In Touch

Advice and tools to help you keep your friends close without losing your mind.
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