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The Last Lecture

“If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy?” An excerpt from this powerful book by the late Randy Pausch, written with Jeffrey Zaslow.

And We Laughed…

They don’t tell you how to parent with cancer. There aren’t any books or magazines. So, throughout six months of chemo and radiation, with the help of a good sense of humor and a collection of off color wigs, Jen Singer winged it.

Learning to Live After Loss

In an open letter, Nancy Sharp shares the knowledge she has gained from experience on how to get through the loss of a spouse.


It was bad enough getting breast cancer the first time. But ten years after having her right breast removed, author and comedienne Tania Katan found herself reliving history – in more ways than one.

When Cancer Becomes “Real”

As Allison Stanley discovered, the cameras don’t stop rolling in reality television. Even for cancer.

Lung Cancer and Stigma: A Sister’s View

Where and why do we draw a line between extending empathy and assigning blame when it comes to cancer? Should we be drawing that line at all? Laurie Lathem remembers her brother Niles and his fight with lung cancer.

Happy Mammogram!

Some people get cake. "Sex and the City" scribe Cindy Chupack got a mammogram for her birthday.

Caregiver Tips: The Big Balancing Act

Being a caregiver to a loved one with cancer and still taking care of yourself and your relationship is no easy feat. A Wellness Community advocate and the mother of a cancer survivor, Ellen Silver gives some tips on how to maintain the balance.

The State of the Fight: Cancer Research

In 2007, and again this year, the U.S. Congress declared May as National Cancer Research Month in recognition of high quality, innovative cancer research. In the past 35 years, the five-year survival rate for all cancers combined has increased to more than 65% due to the progress of cancer research, which includes advances in cancer prevention, detection and clinical cancer management. We as physicians have been able to save many more lives because of this, but we still have much further to go. Cancer research is the key to moving forward.

The State of the Fight: Skin Cancer

I have always had the science bug. Growing up, I idolized scientists who made major contributions to society. So, I decided to pursue dermatology because I wanted to help prevent and treat melanoma.
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