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Stand Up Sits Down With Jewelry Designer Alex Woo

Posted on November 15, 2012, 8:35 PM
Stand Up Sits Down With Jewelry Designer Alex Woo

With her showroom and workshop located in the heart of New York’s Rockefeller Center, Alex Woo has become one of the most recognized and coveted jewelers among a new generation of designers. From winning the grand prize at the Women’s Jewelry Association’s national design competition, to being awarded one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry by experts from the JCK Design Center, her distinctive design sensibilities have won Alex much acclaim. 

Here, Alex takes some time to sit down with Stand Up To Cancer to discuss her work, and how her own experience with loss inspired her to create her SU2C pendant collection.

Stand Up To Cancer:
So much of your beautiful jewelry raises awareness of various causes and charities. Where does that drive come from? 

Alex Woo:
Whether you wear your children’s initials, or an 8 because you are the 8th living survivor of a stem cell and liver transplant (a true story about one of my customers, a cancer survivor), my pendants all tell a story. But my charitable designs especially have a powerful meaning behind them, because I hope to inspire action. I’m inspired by the courageous people who are fighting cancer and other diseases, or like myself, have lost loved ones. My motto in life is to live, love and be involved. That’s what I hope my jewelry inspires people to do.

Stand Up To Cancer:
What inspired your collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer?

Alex Woo:
My mother lost her battle to breast cancer when she was still in her 30s. I was a teenager at the time. Now that I am in my 30s and have a child, I can truly understand her feelings at the time. We had so many more years that we could have shared together, and I wish she could be here with me to witness what I have done so far. Hopefully she would be proud. I hope that with more awareness and funding toward cancer research, this disease can be a thing of the past. Although my mother lost her battle, I’m still here to fight and be an advocate for her. Creating this pendant brought back many memories – the good and the bad – but most of all it reminded me of the strength my mother had when she stood up to cancer. I decided to collaborate with SU2C because of their powerful message and courage it gives to those who need it most. This is an organization that I see myself being a part of for many years to come!

Stand Up To Cancer:
What is it you hope the women who wear your SU2C pendant will experience?

Alex Woo:
I wanted this design to be classic, wearable and a reminder that we must all stand up and fight cancer together. It all starts with spreading the word. Sometimes just wearing a necklace may start that conversation and bring awareness to the cause. Some women wear this pendant to help give them strength in their fight, and others may wear it to represent and keep someone that they have lost close to their hearts. Whatever the reason, we are getting the message out that we are in this together. Cancer has become one of our worst enemies, therefore, we need to come together and stand up for people like my mom, aunt, grandmother, other women, men, children (like our workshop’s favorite little ninja – Justin Miller), and all those who have been affected by it some way or another.

Stand Up To Cancer:
You’ve received so much acclaim for your work, both from the fashion world and popular demand. What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had so far?

Alex Woo:
Apart from seeing my pieces on celebrities like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, and on shows like Gossip Girl & The Carrie Diaries, one of the most rewarding experiences is seeing how my designs can help someone through a hard time in their life. Earlier, I mentioned one of my favorite customers - a young woman named Julie. She is not only the 8th living survivor of a stem cell and liver transplant, but she also lost her sister last year, and became the guardian of her three nephews. She is an amazing and strong woman, who wears my necklace every day and never takes it off. She said that she felt it gave her strength to go on, and when you turned her number 8 necklace sideways, it represented infinity and the bond between her and her sister (you can see her tell her story here at It’s stories like these that inspire me. I may design a necklace, but that is just the beginning, as women take these designs and make them a story of their own.

Alex Woo’s SU2C 14k Open Arrow Pendant and SU2C Sterling Silver Open Arrow Pendant are available in the SU2C Shop.

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Posted by dave | February 03, 2013 3:56 AM

thanks for your commitment and awsome designes. i having the disease right now have everything i have including strengh going into the fight , would be awsome to have one….how bout i make it my goal to get it after i stomp out my lukemia out…. that adds another goal…we all need to strive no matter what it is or how trivial someone might think it is .i look at these things like a medal… not materialistic but do use my own thinking to make it special….i have my moms thumbprint from her battle she lost in june   heres a shout out to janeanne yuhas the best mother i could have gotten

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